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What is Instant Hack?

Instant Hack is a multi-purpose Instagram tool that allows you to view private information that you would not find available publicly. This includes but is not limited to private messages, pictures & videos contained within the Instagram account of your choice. Our development team have spent countless hours to provide you with the best, and now it is all available at the click of a button!

How does it work?

Whilst we are unable to go into specific details to avoid this method from being patched, we use a concept that involves the Instagram API, spoofing and some unidentified loopholes thus glitches within Instagram itself. We look forward to you giving it a try and providing us with your feedback! Have fun.

How do I use it?

Instant Hack is a very straight forward tool to use. And the best part? You don't actually have to create an account to use this service. Unlike other sites, not only do we provide a genuine free service, we don't force you to provide personal information to access the site. Just follow the steps found on the homepage. By entering your desired account username, we will locate it for you and allow you to choose which private data you would like to collect from the account. Then all you have to do is sit back and watch the magic happen!

Why would I want to use it?

Instant Hack sets things apart from its competitors in the sense that we are the only genuine site out there that promises results! Avoid competitors with fake duplicate sites that will attempt to imitate and saturate our sites ability once they discover it. Whether you're a casual Instagram user wanting a little more insight on another users account, or a wary individual with suspicions of someone’s activities (such as your boyfriend/girlfriend!) we’ve got you covered. Pull a prank on your friends, there has never been a better time to take advantage! Find out what everyone is getting up to, let’s get started.

Free Instagram Analytics/Hacking

Simple & Free Instant Hack is a free tool that allows you to view information about your desired Instagram account(s) at the click of a button!

Anonymous & Untraceable

Anonymous & Untraceable Rest assured your tracks are covered. We do not store any data logs or information on our servers.

Instagram Fast Results

Fast Results Guaranteed Whilst we may be unable to gather everything for some accounts due to Instagram policies, we guarantee quick results.

The only service that is 100% free and requires no downloads!